Rewind 2018

Fri, Jan 11, 2019 2-minute read

This post is about reliving my year again. It was a roller coaster ride for me primarly in personal life. From career perspective it was good. You can checkout what I had planned for 2018 here.

Writing this post under various type to get a glimpse of how my life this year was


This year has seen both extreme sadness and extreme happiness in my life. God has blessed myself and my wife with fraternal twins.But god gave us lot of pain until we got these awesome cutie gifts from him.My wife went through a lot of pain to get these gifts from the day we came to know that we are going to have kids. I salute her for her confidence and courage and never give up attitude which kept me to be more strong during our difficult times.

  • We named our boy baby as Arjun- in reference to a great warrior hero.More about the meaning here
  • We named out girl baby as Ananya- which means matchless.More about the meaning here


From career perspective this year was good. New company. New team. New challenges. Was having a huge responsiblity of migrating the exiting B2C application to adhere to scale and able to make frequent changes. In addition to this was making sure team members follow best practices while developing software. Following are the few that am proud of in the last year

  • Made sure the new applications are containerized
  • Deploying the application was seamless
  • Proper safety net is in place in the code like unit tests

Few things that I failed at

  • Rearchitect the complete stack as ┬ÁServices.
  • Introducing unit testing for the existing stack in PHP.


  • In beginning of the year took a pledge to write tool similar to Sendy in Ruby and Sinatra. Failed miserably at it.
  • My OSS contributions was zero all throughout the year. Hope to get it done at great pace in 2019
  • Pledged to read a total of 20 books but read only 3 books.

Overall did not meet any goals last year which was personally bad and not inspiring. Looking forward for a great year achieving the backlog of 2018 and new goals of 2019.

Happy new year !…