My Look Ahead for 2018

Tue, Jan 23, 2018 2-minute read

Inspired by others in developer community where people keep yearly goals and work towards them wanted to have something personal to me and keep track of my progress. I have shared this with my friends/mentor whom I feel will give proper feedback to improve myself. The type of rating below helps my mentor to rate me frequently where I stand.

Have a made a public trello board where they can track my progress.

Looking forward for a great year ahead..

Personal Goals

  • Spend More Time With Family
  • Learn Four Wheeler Driving and Get License
  • Make a trip to new place
  • Eat Healthy,Stay Fit,Be Healthy
  • Improve beliefs in god - more prayers,self healing time

Personal Development Soft Skills

  • Blogging Write a blog on either book/trip/something in tech weekly
  • Reading Read Good Reads Target(Fiction/Non Fiction/Tech)

type of Rating

  • Consistent
  • Excited and show improvement
  • Professional

Development Community Skills

  • Present in Conferences
  • Watch Existing Conferences Videos and write blog on what lesson have I learnt from it
  • Open Source Personal Projects Contributions 4-5 Useful Commits per week
  • Open Source project contributions with many users

type of Rating

  • Amateaur Contributor
  • Internal Impact - Does my contribution makes me happy
  • External Impact - Does my contribution makes the community happy


  • MicroServices Architecture as Skill
  • Mobile Development as Skill Native Android & Mobile Web
  • Cloud Infrastructure as Skill - AWS
  • Code Hygiene - Unit Testing Frameworks
  • CI/CD

type of Rating

  • Basics Amateaur
  • Solutionize for anything
  • Drive Individually for Any Project
  • BootStrapping a team and Running It