March 2014 Devlogs

The month started with plan to learn Node.js. With little knowledgable in javascript was very much reluctant or does not have much confident in starting or diving into node.

My look Ahead for 2014


You aren't gonna need it approach for legacy applications

Recently I learnt about one more agile terminology. Eventhough my project is following Classic SDLC I am expediting agile methodolgies like TDD , Kanban and few more still expediting.
Why am I doing this?
Just to make my job interesting by myself and set myself on par with real industry

Hacker School may be my next target

With so much frustration in office work , not doing things which I like and wanna do always and not able to give my 100% in work and I was completely stressed out.

Why I am unable to Showcase my Coding publicly

While I was designing my long pending personal website I have added GithHub profile link. But what could I find in Github were just two repositories. *Initial GitHub Practicing repository *Govt Data Hackathon repository.

Simple HTTPServer in Local Machine

I was trying to setup a local webserver. I need it because, I was learning D3 a javascript library after getting to know about it from Geeks Night session.