Unit Testing Using JUnit

The course seems to be more interesting since I am getting more coding assignments. This one was to just to read a sentence and reverse the sentence in way such that each of the words gets different position in the new sentence. Like the last word takes the first position and penultimate word takes the second position like that.

Awesome Assignment to learn Git

It’s been nearly two weeks in the course and the journey so far has been so awesome. With assignments getting started feeling very very excited to learn things So in the Software Development Process course second assignment is to prove our ability for using git which is one of the best version control tool in the world.

Hurray Results Came

Since I have applied the earlier they were able to evaluate my application in a very lesuirely way and update me on the status very soon. Yes!!

Target GA Tech

After starting learning a lot from online MOOC courses planned to pursue to do a graduate degree course via online. Was searching for the same for a while whole throughout the year and that which impressed and which made me more eager towards becoming a student in OMSCS-Online Master’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

South TamilNadu Trip 2014

This trip was planned such that we will be attending my collegue’s Annamalai’s marriage.

Trip to Kumbakonam July 2014

This trip was planned initially to transfer some goods but later dropped off. We again planned for the trip over the first weekend of July 2014. Our initial plan was to see all the Navagraha Temples kinda of little holy trip:P