First Week of KBAI

The class has started first week went with just the introductions and below tasks

  • Introduce yourself in Piazza
  • Go through the assignments
  • Complete the Pre Course Survey

Summer Classes Begins

For summer I wanted to take a core courses also I wished to take something in AI field. Was in dialemma to take between knowledged Based AI vs AI for robotics. Both seems to involve some coding as well learn some new concepts in AI field. Later choosed KBAI CS7637.


  • Fixed the issuess in cricinfo curler for accesing via behind Proxy.Introduced Printwriter for writing the config file. Still yet to complete the Junit Test cases. After writing that only there will be lot of refactoring.
  • Was learning Apache Poi Java Library. Was exploring this since had to use it in one of the projects.
  • Had a thoughful pair programming session with Masters classmate to make the code testable.
  • Read Log- Did not make any progress in this. Need to complete Einstein His life and Universe atleast by this month


Wow writing devlog for the second day


It is Tamil New Year. So today office is off which is actually a optional holiday.

Simple Calculator in Android

The first project that came all along it’s way in Android a area of mobile space where I want to get deep expertise. The project is to make a mathematical calculator in Android. The main objective of this project was to get familiar with the environment and Android platform. As I have done few projects already in mobile application development it was little easy for me to get accustomed with the environment. I mainly wanted to design the application in a more Object Oriented way. Hence made sure that I developed in the following way