Android Studio ShortCuts

Just to get used to environment and being a regular user of eclipse moving to IntelliJIDE for android development knowing the shortcuts becomes cruicial in the learning and improving my knowledge in Android.

Android in Serious Note- NanoDegree

After trying to learn android by making some apps during hackathon or during hobbies wanted to become an expert in it. I wanted Android and ML to be my core expert area in the software development.


  • Worked on the logging and exceptions part of the reporting framework that I was developing in office
  • Read Log- Did not make any progress in this. Need to complete Sachin Tendulkar -Playing it My Way atleast by this month

KBAI Lesson 6 -Classification

Classification is one of the important topics in AI. All agents will perform this type in one way or the other.

KBAI Lesson 5 -Incremental Concept Learning

It’s been almost a month since I watched the lecture series to cope for the classes. It’s because of this concentration loss or focus on learning that I was not able code properly for Project 2 as well as my Assignment 4 got some poor grades.

Announcing Version 2.0

Now, Pixyll is lighter weight and more customizable than before.