Hackathon in PANDA contd

I want the event to be a hit among all the participants. It is very difficult to make people get involved at events in a corporate. I was thinking of ways to make them so dropped the next teaser mail stating lot of PANDA goodies are to be awarded as prizes.

Hackathon in PANDA

Being part of Chennai Geeks group and reading the blogs of my tech friends was eagerly waiting be part of the next Hackathon.

My thoughts does not work

As my post topic my thought does not work. Yeah this word was new to me when I entered my college.Haven’t heard in my english classes it was SSN that thought me this yes it is ThoughtWorks.

Journey till now

From the day I was born I think I was studious(lol).I don like it even if I think how I was when I was young like tat I simply laugh seeing me now.But it was those hard workz tat has brought me to these many distances of my life.