My Look Ahead for 2018

Inspired by others in developer community where people keep yearly goals and work towards them wanted to have something personal to me and keep track of my progress. I have shared this with my friends/mentor whom I feel will give proper feedback to improve myself. The categories of rating below helps my mentor to rate me frequently where I stand.

Have a made a public trello board where they can track my progress.

Looking forward for a great year ahead..

Personal Goals

  • Spend More Time With Family
  • Learn Four Wheeler Driving and Get License
  • Make a trip to new place
  • Eat Healthy,Stay Fit,Be Healthy
  • Improve beliefs in god - more prayers,self healing time

Personal Development Soft Skills

  • Blogging Write a blog on either book/trip/something in tech weekly
  • Reading Read Good Reads Target(Fiction/Non Fiction/Tech)

Categories of Rating

  • Consistent
  • Excited and show improvement
  • Professional

Development Community Skills

  • Present in Conferences
  • Watch Existing Conferences Videos and write blog on what lesson have I learnt from it
  • Open Source Personal Projects Contributions 4-5 Useful Commits per week
  • Open Source project contributions with many users

Categories of Rating

  • Amateaur Contributor
  • Internal Impact - Does my contribution makes me happy
  • External Impact - Does my contribution makes the community happy


  • MicroServices Architecture as Skill
  • Mobile Development as Skill Native Android & Mobile Web
  • Cloud Infrastructure as Skill - AWS
  • Code Hygiene - Unit Testing Frameworks
  • CI/CD

Categories of Rating

  • Basics Amateaur
  • Solutionize for anything
  • Drive Individually for Any Project
  • BootStrapping a team and Running It